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Q. What is a charter school?
Find out about charter schools on the Texas Education Agency website.

Q. What is the philosophy at Jubilee – Lake View University Prep?
Jubilee – Lake View University Prep is committed to the goal of excellence in education for all children. To achieve our goal, we will meet the needs of our students through the development of a strong academic program consisting of basic skills in reading, writing, and math with the opportunity for challenge beyond the basics. We will implement the 7 Habits by Stephen Covey using the “Leader in Me” to develop leadership qualities in our students. Jubilee fosters positive character traits of self-esteem, self-discipline and Leadership skills which will promote pride and responsibility in the students for their community and their country.

Q. Are there uniforms?
Yes, visit our School Uniforms page for more info and to purchase your child's uniform.

Q. Is Jubilee – Lake View University Prep Free admission?
Yes, Jubilee – Lake View University Prep is a Public Charter School and is accredited by Texas Education Agency.

Q. What are school hours?
8:00 a.m to 3:15 p.m.

Q. What are the extra-curricular activities?
Jubilee – Lake View University Prep participates in the district’s sport teams which includes basketball (girls and boys), volleyball, cheerleading, and track. Our coaches and parents sponsor all our sport programs.

Q. Where is Jubilee – Lake View University Prep located?
325 Castroville Rd.

Q. Are the teachers certified?
Yes, all will be certified. For more information please view the High Qualified Report.

Q. What grade levels are at Jubilee – Lake View University Prep?
Pre-K through 12.

Q. What is the student to teacher ratio?

Q. What is the average class size?
The average class size is 25 students.

Q. How long has Jubilee Academic Center, Inc. and Jubilee – Lake View University Prep been open?
After 20 years operating as a private Christian academy, Jubilee Outreach Christian Academy transitioned into an open-enrollment charter school in January 2000 as Jubilee Academic Center, Inc. Jubilee – Lake View University Prep will open in August 2017.